Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Course Development

All files can be accessed in the box.net widget at the bottom of the page.

Prior to Course
  • A course outline has been created
  • A tutor guide (including setup) has been created for any one wishing to facilitate this course
  • A blog import file is provided below for people to import to group blogs
Course Presentation

  • Presentations have been created for classroom use. Please use the full presentation to view the complete course
  • Notes have been added to the bottom of each slide to assist facilitation of the course
Support Materials
  • For each course group a public blog will be constructed Online Collaboration Course Group it will contain the reflections of group during the course. Also at the end of course support links will be added
  • Each group will have access to a mind map they have created about the benefits and risks of online collaboration
  • Each delegate will have created their own plan/strategy for collaboration during the course
  • This blog contains all the files and materials for the course and also links to articles and other sites that contain further valuable content.

Course development has been commisoned as part of Digital 2020 in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

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